Ponte Sao Luis - Porto, Portugal

Ponte Sao Luis - Porto, Portugal

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barcelona 2006

We were in 2006 and me and two girl friends - Kika and Sunta - picked up the car (brand new) and drove to Barcelona.
It was a memorable week.
La Seu Catedral - Gaudi

Monument to Christopher Columbus

A street

A roof top, in Calle Pelai

George Orwell Square

Another roof top, in Passeig de la Grazia

La Rambla de Santo Mónica


Another beautifull building, in Passeig de la Grazia

Catholic Church of Santa Maria del Mar

Another Street

And another funny building in Barri Gotic

Nono Bar, a great, good, fancy, modern and minimal bar

More Gaudi - Barcelona

Parc Guel and his funny shaped houses

Lizzards, round shapes and imaginary...
Sit down in this dragon's dorsal spine and see the city of Barcelona lying down at our feet... everybody knows how special this Parc Guell is :)

More Parc Guell...

Roof top of the Milá House

Headed chimneys, also in the roof top of the Milá House.

Palau de las Artes, Barcelona

When in Barcelona, we 3 girls went to see a beautiful Carmen in the Palau de las Artes. It was great, and, of course, earing the Toreador in Spain is always more meaningful :)

Comtemporary Art Museum - Barcelona, 2006

The entrance of the MAC - Barcelona

A funny chair, exhibited inside, wrapped in a green strap.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The smallest house in Savannah

They say it's a bachelor's house, although I've seen a couple coming out!
It must only have a room, and even the bathroom is in the back yard.
It is a popular house and an touristic stop, this cute little house, the smallest in Savannah district :)
 They say it was for sale, and it was not cheap...

Historic Savannah Carriage Tours

Savanah Arts & Crafts Market

Every first weekend of the month, Savannah comes to the River Street in an Arts & Crafts market.
Lots of people walk in that street during the all day, stoping in each stand to see regional curiosities.

At the end of the day a band gathered all those people that did not want to go home despite all the stands were closed. They played country music, and everyone felt free, happy and relaxed.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casa de Mateus, Portugal

The view of the Palace when we get in, on the other side of the lake.

On the side of the mais house there is this Chapel, that not only serves the house's members through an internal door, but also has an external access for external people.

This is the corridor that connects the internal patios, and crosses the main house from the front patio to the gardens on the back.

The Chapel towers, seen from the back gardens.

The main staircase, double, in the front of the house opens its arms to each visitor.

This palace has several towers with this amazing shape, painted in white and with borders in stone.

 The Casa de Mateus has beautifull gardens on the back, with impressive drawings and curious shapes.

218 Liberty Street, Savannah, GA - USA

Polo Match

Sunday, May 16th, 2010
A Polo Match at Rose Hill Plantation, in Bluffton, SC

The watcher.

The polo field and the equestrian center barns.

Gallery Espresso - Coffee House in Savanah, GA - USA

Harvard Bridge, Boston, MS - USA

Armstrong University, Savannah, GA - USA

Lafayete Square, Savannah, GA - USA

Chippewa Sq., Savannah, GA - USA

Hamilton Turner Inn, Lafayete Sq., Savannah, GA - USA

The first house in Savannah to have electricity.

Habersham St., Savannah, GA USA

308 Libberty Street, Savannah, GA - USA