Ponte Sao Luis - Porto, Portugal

Ponte Sao Luis - Porto, Portugal

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casa de Mateus, Portugal

The view of the Palace when we get in, on the other side of the lake.

On the side of the mais house there is this Chapel, that not only serves the house's members through an internal door, but also has an external access for external people.

This is the corridor that connects the internal patios, and crosses the main house from the front patio to the gardens on the back.

The Chapel towers, seen from the back gardens.

The main staircase, double, in the front of the house opens its arms to each visitor.

This palace has several towers with this amazing shape, painted in white and with borders in stone.

 The Casa de Mateus has beautifull gardens on the back, with impressive drawings and curious shapes.


  1. Muito bom, parabéns pelo talento!

  2. Gosto muito de "ver" através dos seus olhos e do seu traço !
    bjs tia C